Experienced Digital Marketing Executive. 


Jinal is a marketing strategist for hire. She has over 12 years of experience connecting consumer and e-commerce marketing to drive cultural and commercial impact.

Most recently, she was VP of Marketing at Newell Brands in their eCommerce Division. Prior to Newell Brands, she spent the last six years at WPP's J. Walter Thompson Company rising from digital strategist to Global Digital Director. Before joining the agency world, she launched a social network for a financial services company. 

Jinal was ranked by The Guardian as the one of Ten Digital Strategists to Watch and was listed as iMedia's Top 25 Internet Innovators. Her work has also won Mobile Marketer of the Year Award, Gold and Silver Lions (at Cannes), ADC, Clip and also a Webby.

She is known for breaking down complacency, bad habits, and silos. She does this by merging systems thinking with creativity, bringing relentless discipline to brand and marketing strategy, and by building optimistic, diverse, no-assholes team cultures that fight for the work and only for the work. 



 Led launch of Marmot Brand on Amazon.    

Led launch of Marmot Brand on Amazon. 



As VP of eCommerce Marketing, Jinal built an 80 person team from scratch, led responsibility for 36K SKUs across Amazon, DTC, and WalMart.com, and drove 40% YoY growth in revenue on the channels - all through an extraordinary time of transformation, ambiguity, and accelerated e-commerce growth post Jarden acquisition and amidst brick and mortar deterioration. 


 Led digital strategy for award-winning Macy's Yes Virginia The Musical.

Led digital strategy for award-winning Macy's Yes Virginia The Musical.


During her six year tenure at J. Walter Thompson, she led digital transformation efforts for the agency and its top clients, built new capabilities in content, and launched award-winning integrated campaigns. 

Her key clients where: ForeverMark, Macy's, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Nestle, T. Rowe Price, Rolex, On-Go, and Acornseekers. 


 Led content and distribution for OPENForum, #1 small business advice site. 

Led content and distribution for OPENForum, #1 small business advice site. 


At Bond, Jinal led the growth of Webby award winning American Express OPEN small business site, Openforum.com. She also launched Meet At The Apartment, the first in a series of boutique meeting spaces. 

Prior to Bond, Jinal launched the first social network ever launched by a financial services company. 


Current Projects

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Modernizing a Brand

Helping a respected commercial transportation brand to recruit talent by modernizing its brand, and distilling it into an actionable, digital communications and recruitment strategy. 

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Jumpstarting Growth

Consulting with the Founders of a young wellness brand on e-commerce and Amazon content and marketing. 

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Marketing Strategy

Built marketing strategy, refined audience segments, and built direct-to-consumer and Amazon crawl-walk-run plan.