Building Brands for a Digital World


Fundamentals of brand building have not changed. It is how brands are consumed, experienced, discovered, and shopped that has been in flux because of channel, device, and format proliferation. Building and scaling brand narratives in a digital world demands breakthrough creative and sustained activities to maintain brand salience. 



Content & Commerce Design


Building brands in a digital world requires brand, marketing and production to meet in the middle. Brand strategies cannot live on a presentation anymore. They have to translate into applicable vocabularies, design templates, and asset libraries. It requires a systems-oriented approach that integrates channels and audiences with rigorous planning, resourcefulness, and creative thinking to achieve cultural and commercial impact. 

I've developed frameworks, tools, and operating rhythms that ensure marketing messages, media investment, and revenue goals are working together in tandem. I have experience doing this for Nestle, Estee Lauder, and most recently Newell Brands. 

A most common request in my conversations with CMO's and marketing teams has been for faster, cheaper, speedier content production. However, as I learned from my experience at Newell, without ironed out internal processes for briefing, approving, and delivery, speedier production does not exist. Internal and external processes must be considered, reworked, or developed as part of Content & Commerce Design work. 


Courting the Shopper


Direct-to-Consumer brands, start-ups, and brands born of Amazon have mastered the balance between building brands and businesses online. Building brand experiences that speak to shopper behaviors, and need-states must become second nature. 

In managing a 36K SKU large catalog for world's most well-known brands (Sharpie, Marmot, Yankee Candle, Rubber Maid etc.), we learned very quickly that shoppers filter and review products within the established norms of the category, irrespective of how distinctive the brand is or wants to be. This insight is critical when developing marketing with the intent towards purchase versus awareness.